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Google to hold first ever Global Science Fair

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Now this is just down right cool! Mashable is reporting that in a few hours from now on 1/11/11 Google will be announcing the first ever global science fair. So many possibilities and I can only image what students will submit. The fair is open to 13 – 18 year olds from around the world and the prizes range from scholarships to work opportunities (as reported by Mashable).

The Google Science Fair Site is now live. You can view it here and sign up your class or school here. What a great was to start 2nd Semester at any school. Great timing on Google’s part as a teacher could give extra credit to those student who submit an entry, or even make this a part of their own school wide science fair. 

As usual Google as a nice little video to go with the launch. 

I just spent a bit of time going through the site and it looks really cool. There’s no reason why a school district or school couldn’t easily copy this format for future use as well. 

I’ll be following this over the next semester and hopefully will get some kids at my own school interested enough to submit an entry.

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