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Goggle has decided to self-censor its content in China. I wonder if that’s why the students have had a hard time connecting to Google lately. I wish I could talk about the impact this will have on China, future generations, and my students. But I’m afraid if I say to much this site, like many others, will get sucked up by the ‘Super Filter’.

So I hope someone else can pick up this conversation and expand on it.

From Reuters: Google: China decision painful but right

DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) – Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin
said his company’s decision to self-censor its Chinese search system
followed a change of heart over how best to foster the free flow of

Google said on Tuesday it will block politically
sensitive terms on its new China search site and not offer e-mail, chat
and blog publishing services, which authorities fear can become
flashpoints for social or political protest. Those actions go further
than many of its biggest rivals in China.

“I didn’t think I
would come to this conclusion — but eventually I came to the
conclusion that more information is better, even if it is not as full
as we would like to see,” Brin told Reuters in an interview in

Google, whose high-minded corporate motto is “Don’t
be evil,” had previously refused to comply with Internet censorship
demands by Chinese authorities, rules that must be met in order to
locate business operations inside China — the world’s No. 2 Internet

From Google’s China site sparks bloggers’ outrage

Google on Wednesday came in for some harsh criticism from bloggers,
outraged at its decision to set up a censored Chinese version of its
website which will block results in order to avoid angering the
country’s Communist government. The site will not provide Gmail or
other services that will open up its use to unfettered expression

A quick query on Google’s own blog search service
service brought up hundreds of references to the move. A random sample
showed that most bloggers were vehemently against the policy.


  1. It is pretty sad… and also kind of complicated… but in the end it is pretty sad… I, you , and anyone should be able to write about anything we think is important, and should be able to search for anything that I, you and anyone believes to be important… The bottom line is that Google, MSN, Yahoo…all the usual suspects are caving in to the powers that be… I don’t have answers, but know that I as a citizen of this place am not happy…

    They say “Do No Evil”… no longer true…

  2. Why is Google interferring in the politics of China – if China wants to ban some parts of the internet let them do it internally and not ask Google to do their dirty work – its Chinas problem and I am very disapointed with Google for even thinking about going into the ‘NannyNet’ business – this is not how the internet should work. Google should be impartial and not get involved – I wont use them as a search engine if they block bits for China. The internet is non political and values free speech so why does Google think censorship is now Ok just coz they are big business now. Does the Google Boys – Brin and the other one remember Tianammen Square or are they too young?
    Dont do it Google.

  3. Suits working for psychopatic corporations or owning them, knights of the autistic economy, may be lost to humanity.

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