Feels good to be home

So I’m in my David Warlick mode at the moment after an uneventful flight back home to Shanghai (Uneventful is a good thing!). It’s 4:00am and of course I’m jet lagged, no better time to catch up on some of the reading I’ve missed in the last couple weeks. I have a laundry list of things I want to finish before school starts on August 18.

  • Get Moodle 1.6 up and running: Worked on this over the summer and completely frustrated. I might have finally reached that point that I’m completely in over my head. But 30 teachers and 500 students are getting ready to use it this year so I better figure it out fast or my names mud.
  • Up date the Thinking Stick web site. Maybe a new theme and new colors. Wanted to get this accomplished over the summer, but time was against me.
  • Oh yeah, and there are those classes I have to teach this year. HHHMMM, better get something together for them.

But first things first. A big cup of coffee and make an appointment for a foot massage later today (1 hour=$7.50). 😉