It’s time to face the facts

  • Facebook is the new Google
  • It has become both a noun and a verb
  • With over 400 million users it is the largest social-network on the web
  • Everyone, including parents and teachers are already using it
  • Parents are getting younger……they get it
  • Facebook has replaced e-mail for many people
  • Facebook has more privacy settings then most Internet sites
  • Not using Facebook to communicate with your school/class community is like not using Google to search
  • It is the future
  • It is the now
  • For every negative reason to block Facebook there is a positive reason as well.
  • It’s mobile
  • It’s always on
  • Students are already using it (ISB HS Student Council site)
  • Parents are already there
  • It’s not the enemy, it’s an opportunity

Devin Schoening and his school get it. At BLC he passed along how his school is using Facebook in 1st Grade to create a community. If this prezi does not convince a school that Facebook is not the enemy then we’re in a world of hurt. Also see the district Facebook policy.