During my morning coffee

School’s out for the year and it’s that first Saturday when all the stress of the year starts to fade away and you look forward to the summer. I should be packing now for our flight out of here today but who needs clothes anyway. 😉

I’m getting excited for my first NECC conference, especially now that I know it’s wireless and I can blog from the sessions. As David Warlick and I’m sure others start to talk about the conference I find myself looking more forward to that than diving with the Great Whites in Cape Town or following the Sardine Run for 7 days. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to interact with like minded folks face to face, and although blogs, wikis and podcasts are great ways to stay in the conversation, there is something different in a face to face conversation. It’s that special something that will be the reason why, I believe, teachers will never be replaced by the Internet, robots, or artificial intelligence programs. Human to human contact is a basic need in all of us.

David Warlick also talks about the whole Gas Lamp District being wireless.

The NECC folks are also working with the San Diego Gas Lamp District to make the entire restaurant and shopping district wireless through the NECC portal. This part appears not to be a done deal, but the potential is here. We can have a different kind of conference, one that exists on new levels of information, sharing, accessing, and growing knowledge about making our schools the experience that our children deserve.

Talk about extending the conference. If this happens the conference will be extended to conversations through out San Diego. I’m bringing my laptop for sure!

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