Down and out

I was excited for this Chinese New Years break, not just because my Sister-In-Law and Mother-In-Law were coming to visit. 😉 But because I had planned to get some work done on the blog. But instead I’ve been laid up now for 4 days with a 101 temperature that I can’t seem to control, so today I drug myself to the doctor’s office only to find out I have strep throat. I haven’t been to the doctor in 5 years, but when I go it’s always something good.

While at the doctors though the technology wheels were moving, slowly…but moving. As I stood there filling out the paper work for being a new client I thought “Why am I doing this?” I mean you stand there fill out a piece of paper only to hand it to a receptionist who has to type it into the computer. Doesn’t this seem a little redundant to you? I’d love to see a little kiosk like you see for paperless check in at the airport. Big buttons that you can read and can’t miss. MALE       FEMALE         AGE (With a large number pad) and all those little check boxes about family history and stuff. You could go through them in a snap. Wouldn’t this also free up time for the receptionist to greet other patients, take phone calls, start your file, etc.? Anyway, maybe I’m just frustrated with being sick.

Back to bed

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