Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ~ John Dewey


Random Thoughts


7:55am March 14, 2006 as the students are walking down the hallway to go to class:

Student: “Hey are you the guy that took the survey about cell phones?”

Me: “Yeah, that was me. Do you have one?”

Student: “Yep, I take it with me where ever I go.”

Me: “Who do you call? Your fiends, family or Bill Gates?”

Student: (Laughing) “I don’t call Bill Gates!”

Me: “What do you use your cell phone for then?”

Student: “When I’m playing outside, my mom can call me when it’s time to come in.”

Me: (Smiling) “That’s cool….have a good day.”

Student: (Skipping down the hallway) “Thanks!”

Couple things about this conversation:

1. She understands who Bill Gates is at the age of 9
2. She has a cell phone
3. It is becoming part of her life, it just is.

Can you imagine being in 2nd grade and having your parents say “Honey, do you have your homework? How about your lunch? Your cell phone?”

What a great conversation to start my day!