Blogspot unblocked in China

It’s late at night and I’m on my way to bed after a long day but needed to post this.

I received two text messages from friends today that simple said “Blogspot is unblocked!

This is huge! Give it a moment to sink in.

Now I can finally read and respond to David Jakes, Vicki Davis and the rest of the blogspot folks.

I’ll be thinking about this tonight and hopefully will have more to say tomorrow but::

What does this mean for the citizens of China?

What does this say about China’s policies?

China vs. DOPA?

The wealth of information that just became available here?

On a side note…I was watching CCTV9 this morning. That’s China’s local English speaking channel where they reported a 76% increase in exports in July. Do the two of these have anything in common?