Tech Coaching is about Relationships not Tech

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Most tech coaches end up in the role of tech coach or Tech TOSA (Teacher On Special Assignment) because they are good at using tech and integrating it into their classroom. That’s how I got into the role and pretty much everyone else I know as well. However, once you are in the role of […]

Comments vs Compliments – a mini lesson

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Last week I had the pleasure of running a lab site in an Enumclaw 5th Grade class as part of my work with the district over the past couple of years. It’s a lesson that I first taught in 2009 and is still as relevant today as it was then. The students were working on […]

Save 15% on Parenting Course!

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I hear it all too often from teachers, administrators, and school board members. “Who’s training the parents?” Well….we are! It’s true that if we’re going to change the culture of what we expect schools to look like and be like we have to help parents understand the changing nature of education as well. Along with […]

Chromebooks in Band Class

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As I start my second full year working with Auburn School District educators in what they call their Auburn Teacher Leadership Academy 2.0 (ATLA), it’s aways great to hear that long-term professional development really works. For context, I meet with the ATLA group 5 times throughout the school year. Each training builds upon the one before giving […]

Changing the T&L Culture of a District – SXSWedu

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I’m excited to be partnering with Becky Berg, Superintendent of Marysville School District #25 (MSD25) and Scott Beebe, MSD25’s, Chief Technology Officer, as we are submitting a case study proposal to South by Southwest EDU conference (SXSWedu). I have wrote occasionally here about the work the Eduro Learning team and I are doing in partnership with Marysville as […]

School Work needs to be meaningful research shows

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A new survey released from ADP looks at what millennials (age 18-35) and right behind them “Generation Z” (for lack of a better name at the moment), want from their job and employers. Quartz had a nice write up of the research and I was drawn to this both in the report and in the […]

A Year in Review 15-16

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I haven’t made much time to blog this semester…..OK….this year. But what a year it has been! I am currently writing this sitting at Rialto Beach on the coast of Washington. One of our favorite ‘get off the grid’ places to go. We hike in about a mile, no Internet, no cell service. Just the […]

Doing The Work

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If learning something new was easy everyone would do it. One of the reasons I love working with school districts and teachers over a long term basis is that you get to really dig in and do the work. I have started many presentations over the past year with this: “Raise your hand if you […]

The power of disconnecting

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I sit here….on a piece of driftwood wondering where this log came from. For sure somewhere here off the Washington coast…I think. For two days this will be my thinking spot. The spot where there is no connection. No cell service, no Internet. There is my wife, myself, these waves and this fallen tree. I […]

Google I/O: The machines are learning

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I always look forward to Google’s I/O conference to see where the future of technology and innovation is headed and today, once again, didn’t disappoint. This was the 10th I/O conference for Google. This is where Google shares what it’s working on so developers know where the platform is headed… and what they see as the future […]