Micro-Credentials: Taking PD to the next level

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The idea of long-term embedded professional development has always been a passion of mine. In my heart, I truly feel it is the best type of professional development for educators….or anyone for that matter. Time and time again pre-service and beginning teachers will tell you that student teaching was by far the best part of […]

#EduroChallenge Day 6: Parenting In A Digital Age

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As part of the #EduroChallenge leading up to our Micro-Credential program launch, we wanted to pay tribute to the most important educators in a student’s lives…their Parents. Nobody has more influence over a child in their lives than their parent/guardian does…and raising a child today is different. Digital Parenting is No Longer Optional It’s a […]

#EduroChallenge Day 5: Practice, not Mastery

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The idea of practice, not mastery has been on my mind a lot these past few days…so it’s only fitting that its part of our #EduroChallenge. I first started really reflecting on this idea of practice, not mastery a few years ago when I started doing yoga. My wife and I had a deal. I would […]

#EduroChallenge Day 4: Enjoying the FAIL process

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There is nothing better to practice FAIL (First Attempt In Learning) then buying a house. Just about a year ago my wife and I moved into a new home here in Seattle. It was built in 1927 and well….it was built in 1927. It’s been a project, to say the least, both inside and out. […]

#EduroChallenge Day 3: Working in Virtual Teams

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Day 3 of the #EduroChallenge is about teams and it’s something I’m personally very passionate about. Not only because we at Eduro Learning are a virtual team. We have no office space, yet we meet and work together all the time. In my opening keynote this year to educators I talk about that collaboration means […]

#EduroChallenge Day 2: Getting Excited

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The Day 2 #EduroChallenge as we start school is all about getting excited about learning. There are moments when I’m not excited about learning until I’m in the learning process…and then once that happens I’m all in. Take learning how to ski for example. I didn’t want to learn to ski. I mean I wanted […]

#EduroChallenge Day 1: Students of All Ages

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Sometimes we need a little nudge to do the things we know are good for us. Like blogging…I know it’s good for me, I always mean to do it, but doing it…that’s the hard part. I think that’s in part why at Eduro Learning we decided to do a 21-day challenge to start the school […]

Helping Parents Help Their Children

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I often start or end may of my parent presentations with: “Congrats! No parent has ever raised a digitally connected child. You’re the first of your kind!” It’s true…it’s hard to lean on all those parenting skills that you learn and read about when the rules around play, friendships and hanging out have changed…sort of. […]

COETAIL and Google for Education Join Forces!

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Can’t tell you how excited I am that our program COETAIL (Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy) has joined forces with the Google for Education team to offer educators the ability to complete both your COETAIL micro-credential and your Google for Education Certified Trainer (GET) certificate at the same time. As one COETAILer put […]

Micro-Credentials for Teachers and Parents

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The world we exist in now is very much an on-demand one. We expect to watch our favorite TV shows when we want where we want, we expect to have the entire music library in our pocket. We want what we want when we want it. We believe professional development for educators is headed in […]