A conversation about the Learning 2.008 Conference

While visiting with Ken Caroll at the Praxis Language studios before I left Shanghai, Ken and I sat down and just started talking about the conference. The format, who was attending and just had a conversation around the idea of what we’re trying to do.

A great 17 minute listen if you want/need more information about the conference. It’s funny listening back to the conversation and the excitement in my voice….I really do enjoy this stuff!

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    Loved the podcast today. I’ve also enjoyed the Shift Our School podcast. Great ideas and thoughts. You and your group inspire me with fresh thinking. I love the idea of having presenters inspire passion in 7 minutes ala Ted Talks style.

    I brought this idea to my district office today – It’s a great way to frame why we are doing the job we are doing. We are working on it. My superintendent just might be becoming an Edupunk. 🙂 At our recent Admin Academy, he called out teaching and learning differently influenced by technology. link to tinyurl.com Shift is beginning to happen. It’s so exciting to be in education right now. Thanks for all you share!

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