7 things you might not know about me

Lane 7, trackI got tagged with this thanks to Dean Shareski…I’ll play along in the spirit of my first day back to work.

1. In my first 9 years of teaching I only held the same position at the same school for two consecutive years.

2. Our two cats (now 11 yrs old) have Collen Powel’s signature on a visa entry form for Saudi Arabia

3. I’m a BSAC certified scuba diver with 80 dives under my belt.

4. The fastest I’ve ever driven is about 200km/h or 124mph in a Land Rover. It was flat, sandy, in Saudi and I got passed by a Mercedes.

5. When I met my wife I was wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a shiny big buckle…and it wasn’t a costume.

6. I have collected 20+ Starbucks City mugs from countries around the world.

7. My perfect place in the world would be the city of Seattle, in the climate of Bali, on the coast of South Africa.